GirlScript Summer Of Code

Ankit Jain
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GirlScript Summer Of Code

GirlScript Foundation is a Non-profit registered by Government of India, has come up with a unique and India’s first women-oriented technical festival. Girlscript Summer Of Code (GSSoC) is a 3-month long open source project under Girlscript India. Thanks, GSSoC for selecting my project Openchat. As I am a Google Summer of Code student, so I will be working there whole time and it’s my first priority and being the admin of the project, I can help assigned Mentors in case of any knowledge related to project and permissions to the repository.

About the Project- Openchat

Openchat, as its name suggest, is a chatting/messaging platform where people can send messages to anyone registered to this platform. Openchat is my summer’s project which I have developed in my 1st year while learning PHP. I tried my best to follow all the code quality standards and documentation work so that it can be readable and understandable to new folks and hope the same from you guys.

Contributing to project

  • I think the first step in contributing to any project is to start with setting the project on your local system so I advice all the interested folks to do the same. I have added instructions in README to set up the project on your local.

  • Once the project is set up and working well on your system, Try to get familiar with the code by running the project, finding small issues and bugs. In this way, you will better understand the flow of the project and come up with great ideas and suggestions.

  • I have opened a lot of issues in the Issue section of the project and marked them with the level of difficulties which can help you in picking up the issues. Anyone who is interested in working on any issue will comment on the issue itself so other people will get to know that someone is already working on the issue. I really appreciate if you people will ask problems related to any issue in the issue comment’s section, This will help other developers who are facing the similar problems.

  • Fork the project and create a new branch before start working on any issue and make a pull request. I will review and merge the PR as soon as possible, if I take more time in reviewing the PR, you can ping me on twitter @ankitjain28may and IRC @ankitjain28 (Most active on Twitter and IRC) or Slack Channel. You can also mail me, my email is - [email protected] (28 may is my dob but I am not that old, google wanted to add 77 to make it unique).

  • All the very best to all the participants, hope to collaborate with some great developers and help new folks in starting their beautiful journey with Open Source.

Guide for beginners

GSSoC is doing a great work by encouraging people so I want you people to get familiar with Git and Github before start working on the project. You should better understand the version control and we mentors are here to guide and help you throughout the GSSoC period and even after if anyone wants.

It would be best if you make your system more developer friendly by installing Sublime or some IDE and other things, Here I am sharing some resources which can help you.

Ubuntu Guide for Developers - Ubuntu-for-Devs

Windows Guide for Developers - Windows-for-Devs

About Me

I am a final year (not yet waiting for my 3yr results :p ) Computer Science Student from Noida. I am selected in Google Summer of Code this year and working with Drupal. I am an Open Source Contributor and web developers. More you can know about me in the “About Me” at the top of the page and through my LinkedIn profile. You can also contribute to any of my open source projects. Link to Github Profile - ankitjain28may

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