GSoC 2018 - Week - 12

Ankit Jain
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GSoC 2018 - Week - 12

Welcome to my Google Summer of Code 2018 week 12 summary update of Project Affiliates Connect. Learn more about my previous update in Week 11 and in my archive. GSoC (Google Summer of Code) is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organization on a 3-month programming project during their break from school.


Some of the tasks accomplished in this week are -

  • I have added the feature of the Live Browse of products through Entity Browser, I have added the feature in eBay Plugin to properly respond for this feature by adding the search functionality in eBay Plugin. Link to the patch - #2988942

  • I am fetching the Image URL through Scrapper API as well as from the Native API so it is defined as the Link on the Product View Page which should be shown as an image rather than the Link. I have added the “Link to Image” Field Formatter Plugin which will display the image as per the size which is given by the user through the “Manage Display” page of the Product entity. Link to the patch - #2990538

  • I have added the Cloaking URL but it will be displayed as the String rather than the Link which is initiated through Javascript. I have added the “Clock URL” Field Formatter for the same which will be displayed as a Button/Link on the page. Link to the patch - #2990538

  • Product View Page has URL “/admin/structure/affiliates_connect/product/{affiliates_product}” which is changed to “/affiliates_connect/product/{affiliates_product}” so that product view page is exposed to the menus, sidebars, blocks and more without being a part of admin theme. 

  • I have fixed the bug which is crashing the import of products through feeds module due to the issue in the Feeds Tamper Plugin. Along with this, I have added some required tamper plugins which were actually responsible for the crashing on getting a null value. Verification of issue - #2983197, Link to the patch - #2984281

Week 12 - Goals

  • I will work on displaying similar products of different e-commerce websites from the site database. It is important that the product should be precisely the same as that the user is looking for which is a difficult task as most of the e-commerce sites neither have the same name or attributes. I am using Machine Learning Approach for the same.

  • I will also work on adding the documentation for the project.

  • I will also work on providing the distribution for the Affiliates Connect.


Providing the similar products is quite a difficult task as I didn’t have much knowledge in the field of Machine Learning but still, I will try my best to make it complete.

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